Sutton Directory

Sutton is a large suburban town in southwest London, England, and the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Sutton. It is located 10.6 miles (17.1 km) south-southwest of Charing Cross and is one of the major metropolitan centres identified in the London Plan. The town was connected to central London by rail in 1847. As part of the suburban growth of London in the 20th century, Sutton significantly expanded and increased in population.

Sutton provides one of the many town centres in the London area. There are good public transport links through buses and trains, and a one-way system around the High Street as well as three car parks. Sutton has two shopping centres, both of which are in Sutton High Street. The largest of these is the St. Nicholas Centre with three main levels. Times Square is the smaller of the two shopping centres. Also Sutton High Street contains many well known stores.